A little bit about me...

I am constantly analysing the objects which surround me, observing its shape, material, the way it feels when I touch it and try to think why it has been designed in that particular way and not in a different one. That kind of thinking lead me to start projecting my own designs and also improve my knowledge about materials, colour combination and functionality among others.

Lamp construction

This was the first product I designed and sold. It is a lamp intended for kids bedroom. It is designed as a "flat pack" product, enabling the buyer to assemble it. It is intended to inspire children's creativity as and arts and craft. Since it is made of MDF the type of bulb used must be energy-efficient or LED. The lamp is sold with simple instructions and unfinished allowing the user to paint it to match their environment.

Lamp sketches

Before reaching the final result I made different paper and cardboard prototypes. Among the different designs I narrow it down to two models. One is inspired in a typical Swedish house and the other one has a modern style. Both can used as a table lamp or a ceiling lamp. On the ceiling lamp the wire goes out of the house from the roof and on the table lamp from the back so the cable is a bit hidden.

Bench sketches

Since it was designed for an architectural workshop from the first moment my intention was to give to the bench an old and restored look, typical from art workshops.

Bench construction

Using different tools as circular saw, electric planer and electric sander I gave shape to the different pieces which define the bench. After painting it and sanding it down, I covered the right side with thinned bitumen judaicum to darken a bit the wood and saturate the colours. The bench is made of recycled pallet's wood. This material was chosen for being environmentally friendly, readily available and low cost.

History of the bike

Made as a birthday gift to a bike-passionate friend. In just eleven pages I summarised the most important and amazing facts since the invention of the first bicycle. It also includes the first film where a bike appears. Its great design makes the history even more appealing. The materials I used are thick white card, cane string for the bow and cork for the dvd holder. The cork was used to achieve a contemporary look. There is a "hidden" similarity, the dvd simulates the chainring and the cork the axis of the crank.


The camera has become a part of my body when I leave my home. I believe that nature, every object, person, animal, building tells its own story and I am always trying to capture it. I have been my own teacher, read the theory, went out to experience and later criticize my own work.

3D Modelling

Recently I started learning how to use Autodesk Maya which allows me to model my ideas directly in 3D and give them different textures, lights and animation.


With a pencil in my hand I feel inspired by everything. I have a big range of drawings types. I am competent at developing and interpreting technical design and artistic drawings and sketches, including buildings, furniture, products and general sketches.

Technical Drawings

As part of my last university studies, I attended to technical drawing classes where I improved my drawing skills as well as learnt how to understand technical drawings. I have drawn floor plants, front, side and top view and learnt how to delimit. On my second year I draw different sketches of buildings and objects. All this by hand and not using rulers.

Descriptive Geometry

I have studied one-point and two-points perspective, Cavalier projection, intersection between plans and straight lines and between geometric shapes and plans as well as calculate the real dimensions of the resultant section.

Company marketing

I am in charge of the merchandising of a company. I have designed and manufactured a pop-up gift card which is later redeem for an architectural workshop as well as a monthly ticket that can be used on their workshop. For the pop-up card I was inspired by the skyline which is places inside the shop's decoration.

Graphic design

Recently I had the opportunity to design the logo of the company Arquipeques which gives architectural workshops for kids. The round grey shapes in side represent rocks as a primitive construction material.
The design of this portfolio is a part of itself, to make the best out of this I also learnt some basic knowledges of programming on HTML and CSS.